Casually – Alex Ander feat. Redondo lyrics

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Alyx Ander & Redondo - Casually feat. Maria Z : - Alyx Ander, one of Miami’s most promising producers teams up with Dutch act Redondo for a new single on Spinnin’ Records: 'Casually'.

Casually  lyrics |Alex Ander, Redondo

Song : Casually

Singer : Alex Ander, Redondo

Release year : 6 June 2018

Casually Lyrics

Run into you. (x3)
All the times that I walk by
Without saying a word
Deep inside I was dealing with
Confessions to be heard.
All the times I was quiet
When they mentioned your name.
Had to act like you didn’t
Make all the blood rush tot my brain.
(Redondo – Casually)


I know its been a while
I’ve been thinkin’ bout you for sometime
Maybe we could someday see this through.
But I could bring myself to speak
Maybe we could try to meet the way we do.

When I casually run into you.

After accidentally hearing where you’ll be.
And pretending that its you I don’t see.
Bending over backwords like its nothing.

When I casuallyyy run into you.